Hedspark Generator and Electrical​




Diesel generators and marine diesel/ petrol generators.

  • Initial fit outs
  • Auto/mains failure systems
  • Remote start systems
  • Standby systems
  • Electrical and Mechanical routine servicing
  • Generator pre-purchase inspections
  • Breakdowns
  • Repairs

General electrical services for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

​​AC and DC electrical experience.

Access equipment , lighting towers, air compressors, pump, pump control system installation, breakdowns and repairs.

Generator fit outs
​We tailor a fit out to suit your requirements and budget within Australian/New Zealand Standards. Ranging from 1 x 10A single phase outlet to full outlet kits with Adjustable RCD protection for 2 x 63A outlets.

​Auto/mains failure, Remote start and Standby systems

These options can be fitted when new or added at a later date if needed.

​Electrical and Mechanical routine servicing

We provide electrical and mechanical maintenance plans to keep your generator running in tip top condition whether it is used 24 hours 7 days/ week or in Standby or Auto/ mains failure mode. If your generator is regularly light loaded or not used until a power failure, we can load it to clean out the engine, in turn handling full load when applied.

More Services

Can't see your service requirements listed on this page? We cover a vast range of electrical work, so please email us with a full description of the type of specialty work you need done. Email Us.

Free Quoting

Quotes are free. We prefer to quote so both parties can agree on the work to be done and pricing. We do not charge a minimum cost per job and only charge the time worked relating to your job.

Generator pre-purchase inspections Using our swag of electrical test equipment and mechanical knowledge, we can complete varying degrees of testing depending on your concerns. If the seller agrees, we can even carry out a load test and provide you with a Load Test Report notifying you of the engines ability to handle its name-plate load.

Our service is fully mobile so attending site is what we do, so call and we will attend asap.

​Small equipment repairs can be carried out on our premises large repairs preferentially carried out on site.

​AC and DC electrical experience
Having experience completely rewiring the AC and DC side of generators for repairs such as burnt out wiring or to fit a smart controller such as ComAp, DSE etc. With this experience we can be your one-stop electrical solution. For example, starter motor and DC charging alternator repairs can be done by us at the same time as doing an electrical test and tag.

Test and Tag
​Office or Access equipment, lighting towers and air compressors, pump, pump control system installations, breakdowns and repairs Due to time spent in the hire industry, we can carry out repairs to any of the above equipment.

Property Maintenance

​​General minor property maintenance works whilst already at the premises if required. This includes steel and aluminium fabrication and repairs.
General Electrical

​Pre- rental inspections with detailed reports and pictures/ videos, if
Repairs, emergency or non- emergency, maintenance and additional equipment installations e.g. down lights, sensor lights, power points, shed power upgrades, pool pump connections, dishwasher power points, switchboard upgrades, air conditioning isolators, ceiling fans etc etc.

​We do Test and tagging with records documented and kept for OH&S.

Installation compliance and safety inspections with detailed report and compliance certificates.